Magnum Energy is one of the leading US solar brands that is also quite popular in Canada. Magnum is mostly known for its inverters, but the company also manufactures chargers, breakers, junction boxes, etc. Many of the company’s devices are great for mobile applications: RV, boat and similar off-grid PV systems. Magnum solar inverters are compact, robust and easy to use.

About Magnum Company

Magnum Energy is an experienced player in the field of solar inverters. The company was started in 2002. Its home is Everett, Washington, where the company’s products are still manufactured to this day. Since launch, the company has grown quite a bit, that’s why Magnum invested in another manufacturing facility in Minnesota. Thus, all Magnum inverters are manufactured inside the USA, which makes Magnum Energy one of the rare truly American solar manufacturers.

Magnum solar inverters for sale

Magnum Energy MM1524-AE Modified-Square-Wave Inverter

Magnum Energy MM1524-AE Modified-Square-Wave Inverter


  • Condition — New
  • Manufacturer — Magnum Energy
  • Model — MM1524-AE
  • Operating Temperatures — -40 to +158°F
  • Type — Off-Grid inverters
  • Watts — 1500
  • Input voltage DC — 18-32
  • Output Voltage AC — 120V
  • Rated Efficiencies — 91%
  • Dimensions LxWxH — 16.6 x 8.4 x 4.7 in
  • Weight — 22 lbs
  • Warranty — 2 years
  • Delivery time — 5-7 business days

Quality And Performance

One of the features mentioned by many users of Magnum inverters is simplicity of use and installation. The products are made with the users in mind, and every model comes with very detailed and clear instructions. However, this doesn’t mean the functionality of the devices will seem limited to an experienced user.

Magnum solar inverters range from 600 to 17,600W in output. Most of them come in 12, 24, and 48V options. Given the wide scope of products, we will focus on the features common among all Magnum inverters. Be it a product for mobile or stationary use, Magnum Energy makes sure it is robust enough to function flawlessly in a wide range of conditions. Then comes the noise level, which is lower than most conventional inverters can achieve. While not important for everyone, this feature of Magnum inverters makes them the best choice for some settings. Finally, the majority of customers speak favorably of the simplicity and speed of the installation process.

Quality And Performance

Warranty and Service

Depending on the product, your warranty period could be 2, 3 or 5 years. Magnum inverters, as well as some other devices, get 2 or 3 year warranties, while the most advanced and powerful Magnum systems come with a 5 year guarantee. The main advantage of local manufacturers is their proximity to the client. Invariably, a company based in the same country as the client will respond faster to any issues or warranty claims. There are no known cases of Magnum Energy not honoring its warranty. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially considering that Magnum solar inverters are meant to operate for far longer than the warranty period.

What to look for when choosing a Magnum solar inverter

A solar inverter is a crucial part of any PV system, so picking the appropriate model should be approached with due responsibility. Magnum inverters are many, but not every model will fit your settings perfectly. Here are a few points that will guide you in the right direction:

  • Type of inverter. Depending on your use case, you can spare yourself the comparison of all Magnum solar inverters on sale. There are a few major groups of inverters: on- and off-grid, hybrid, mobile inverters. Determine which group will benefit you most and narrow down your list of candidates.
  • Additional functionality. More advanced models offer performance tracking, data logging and remote control capabilities. Some devices can also perform multiple functions, for example, an inverter can double as a charger (like Magnum MM1524-AE) or an EV charger.
  • Power output. Generally, the inverter’s size should be equal to the DC output of your solar array. Oversizing is allowed, but is generally kept in the 10-30% range. The decision to oversize will depend on the expected real-world performance of your panels. Picking the optimal size ensures the longevity of your system and allows you to pay only for the capacity you will really use.
  • Price. As one of the key factors, price is among the first things we look at when evaluating a piece of equipment. Magnum inverters are priced very competitively, and the company offers a number of simple and very reliable devices.


Q: I couldn’t find the official Magnum Energy website. The best match I found says ‘Sensata Technologies’

A: That’s the correct website. Magnum Energy has been a part of Sensata Technologies since 2014. Their website is the most reliable source of relevant information on Magnum solar inverters and other products made under this brand.

Q: Can I use a Magnum RV inverter as a residential device?

A: The term ‘RV inverter’ is not prescriptive. It simply describes a role that the device is best suited to play given its characteristics. Look through the datasheet, if the output, voltage and other parameters meet your requirements, it is good to use in the settings of your choice.

Q: If there is a power outage, will my Magnum inverter continue to work?

A: If you have a hybrid or off-grid inverter, the answer will be ‘yes’. Quite obviously, an off-grid inverter operates off the grid, and where there is no grid, there are no power outages. A hybrid inverter will seamlessly transition to backup or solar when the utility grid is down. Unfortunately, common grid-tie inverters will automatically shut down during a power outage.